$$ -COST-$$

Gas, Food, Lodging, and More....       $3550.00  

  • Motels  $1398.00
    We slept in many different places along the way...they varied in cost from $15 to $85 for a good 'nites' rest!  The $15 was not so good it was a night we had to spend sleeping in the back of the Explorer at a KOA cause we couldnt find a vacancy anywhere!  The $85 was at MonoLake Ca.  The average cost for sleeping was $47 a day. 
  • Food  $626.00
    We shopped for lunch goods in grocery stores along the way.  We enjoyed our picnic lunches in great settings on the roadside.  We had our share of fast food, but always had nutrional food at least Once a day!
  • Gas $476.00
    We used 320 gallons of gas for this 8064 mile trip of regular unleaded with an average cost of $1.25 a gallon.  We paid the higest cost in Yellowstone NP over $2 a gallon (1998 prices)
    So the total for Gas was $400
    Oil changes $72 every 3k miles and we had to pay for One car wash, we got desperate!! That was $4. Grand total was $476.00
    We avg. 25.3 MPG
  • Other expenses we had were Gifts, Entertainment, Entrance Fees, Tours, Phone Calls, Postage for Cards, etc these other things came to $1,000.00