8,064 miles in 34 days

 I planned the entire trip out and wrote all the directions in a notebook that we kept by our sides on the way.  We stopped in Tupleo MS and visited the birth place of Elvis Presley, that was cool. In OK it was hot as it could BE...We took the Gold Belt ByWay to Victor CO, after we visited the Royal Gorge Bridge...amazing, In Cripple Creek we took a ride on a small guage RR..We stopped to visit the Matchless Mine and learn the story of Baby Doe Tabor,  we took Independence Pass going west to east...We wanted to see as much of the west as we could and also had a nice 4 day visit with my sister along the way.  We had a great visit and we also took a White Water Rafting trip down the Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon, CO.  On the way out we went through the Black Canyon of the Gunnison over Red Mt. Pass Then on to Mesa Verde , the UTE Indian Res, and the FOUR CORNERS area....the Painted Desert and on to the Grand Canyon, across the Mohave Desert, alongside Route 66 to Kings Canyon and Sequoia NP, the Giant TREES, on to Yosemite, and then Across Nevada, up through Idaho and the Saw Tooth Wilderness, into Montana and Glacier NP, OH what a beautiful place.  Then south  we found the Devils Tower in Wyoming, and Yellowstone, a fabulous place Old Faithful, then East we went to the Black Hills &  Bad Lands of SD, and Mt. Rushmore,  I took a tour of Jewel Cave there...That was awesome. Then on to Wall Drug Store a must see attraction.  We stopped at the Corn Palace in Iowa, then south over Harry Truman Lake,  to the Ozarks, and the Buffalo Rec. Area.  Back to the Deep South in Miss, we saw chain gangs out in fields picking cotton watched by armed mounted guards, Tuscaloosa and Birmingham AL, then Back to HOT Lanta, and Home to SC. 

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Highways and By-Ways
I-20W, Hwy 78N, Hwy 240, Hwy 55, I-40W, Hwy, 355, Hwy 87/287, Hwy 287 N, Hwy 287/385N, Hwy 50W, Hwy 67, Hwy 24W, Hwy 24/285-S, Hwy 82, Hwy 133, Hwy 92, Hwy 347, Hwy 50w, Hwy 550 S, Hwy 160 W, Hwy 89, Hwy 64W, Hwy 180/64, I-40 W, Hwy 58 W, I-99 N, Hwy 198 E, Hwy 180, Hwy 41 N, Hwy 140 E, Hwy 120E, Hwy 395 S, I-80E, Hwy 93 N, Hwy 75 N, < Hwy 93 N, I-90 W, Hwy 89 S, I-15 S, Hwy 12/287 S, I -90E, *Hwy 89 S, Hwy 20/14/16E, Hwy 14 E, Hwy 16/20 S, I25/87 N, I-00 E, Hwy 16 SE, Hwy 244, Hwy 16A, Hwy 79, Hwy 190 N, I-90E, Hwy 240, I-90 E, I- 29 S, I 435 SE, Hwy 350 SE, Hwy 50 E, Hwy 65 S, Hwy 7 S, I-40 E, I-30 S, I -65 S, Hwy 82 E, I-20 E 
Home Again!!  We got lost only once for approximately 4 minutes!!!!!!!!!
                       and never asked ONCE for directions!!